PNST Theory Implementation

The implementation of Psychological Needs Satisfaction Theory in a clinical or other therapeutic environment follows four phases.

Why is UTHP effective?

The primary reason why the UTHP treatment protocol works more effectively than other behaviroual change protocols is that it works with the law of least effort, rather than against it. It identifies how the participant can get what they want with less hard work and cognotive load, rather than trying to convince them not to pursue their goals or providing them with more taxing and cognitively challenging solutions.

Phase 1. Script Identification

The first phase in the implementation of PNST is Script Identification.

A Script is the basic framework that guides a person’s thoughts, decisions, and actions, and includes:

  1. Their current primary psychological need
  2. The goal they believe will fulfil their psychological need
  3. The strategy they are using to achieve their goal

When working with a client in a clinical or other therapeutic environment, the first phase of implementing PNST is to identify these three elements.

This will help both you and the client to understand the core drivers of their thoughts, decisions, and actions.

There are a number of strategies you can use to assist in this process. You can read them here.

Phase 2. Script Assessment

Once you have helped the patient identify their current Script, the second phase is to have the client assess that Script for its effectiveness and efficiency.

This will allow the client to see how their thoughts, decisions, motivations, and actions are responsible for their challenges and issues.

You can read about the strategies for this implementation here.

Phase 3. Script Selection

Once the client is aware of their current Script, how it’s driving their thoughts, decisions, and actions, and how it’s creating the challenges for which they are seeking a remedy, the next phase is to identify a different Script that will more effectively help them satisfy their needs.

You can read the strategies for that here.

Phase 4. Script Implementation

Identifying a more effective Script will provide the client with a more effective pathway for removing their life challenges, but know what to do and how to do it are two separate things.

To make sure your client can implement this Script in their life, the final phase is to provide them with strategies for overcoming their (usually) unconscious actions and applying your new Script.

You can read about how to do that here.